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Huvitz HOCT-1F


All-in-One OCT

The HOCT-1F provides High-speed Scan, High-quality Image by using Huvitz’s outstanding optical technology and innovative image software. Shows extensive information, such as 3D structure of Retina, Macula's thickness and separation, in a vivid image.

By combining OCT, Full-Color Fundus Camera, and PC, it can generate high-resolution images providing multi-purpose functions for diagnosis. It saves both time and space by performing frontal view(Enface) of eye diseases, Tomography, cross-compare and diagnosis in a single run.


It creates 3μm OCT Digital Resolution images, allowing for a precise retina observation and useful follow-up examinations. It scans up to 68,000 points per second in order to create a high-quality optical image.


HOCT-1F comes with a built-in camera capable of acquiring high-resolution images of the retina. The system automatically measures the pupil size and adjusts the intensity of the flash accordingly to get the best result possible.


The Anterior Segment Module allows for the measurement and analysis of corneal thickness and ACA. It helps users work more efficiently by not having to move patients between instruments.

browser-based review system

Patient's test data can be analyzed anywhere on your Intranet. You can check and analyze all data of HOCT through Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome.


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