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Optopol Revo FC


New OCT standard - every functionality in one device

We proudly announce the REVO FC with AccuTrack - Real-Time hardware eye-tracking – the all-in-one OCT and a Fundus Camera. The device offers ultimate versatility for time and space efficiency, featuring full-fledged, high-resolution OCT with hardware eye-tracking and true color fundus imaging.

OPTOPOL pioneered the first Spectral Domain OCT technology 25 years ago. Their background allows them to provide an unparalleled experience to both patients and eye care professionals. Get the best of both worlds with ultra-high-quality scans in an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Provides both Posterior and Anterior scan capabilities.
  • Combine one-touch exams with preset scan combinations for streamlined workflows.
  • Progression analysis is available for detailed analysis over time.
  • Add-on software modules to increase the efficiency of your OCT device.

Hardware-based eye tracker compensates for blinks, loss of fixation, and involuntary eye movements during scans reducing artifacts.

Auto Functions
Simplifying operation with the push of a button to auto-position, auto-align, auto-focus, and auto-capture.

A.I. DeNoise
An advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm removes noise from the tomogram for the highest image quality.

Custom Scan Protocols
Save time and never miss a scan. Create a custom preset group of scans and let the REVO capture all scans in order.

Motion Correction
The software-based motion correction (MC) compensates for involuntary eye movements and blinks by capturing two scans and generating a motion-corrected scan when necessary.

Structure + Function (S+F)
Comprehensive glaucoma solution that combines REVO OCT and PTS Visual Field results. S+F takes the diagnostic approach of the Hood report.

Progression Analysis
Gather baselines and follow-ups to monitor and manage disease progression in posterior and anterior scans.

Full Range
With scans presenting New Extended DepthTM software, based on the Full Range technology, provides scans of increased depth for reliable and convenient observation of challenging cases. With scans presenting extended depth, this new imaging mode is perfect for diagnosing even highly myopic patients.


Progression Analysis
Quickly view a chronological set of exams for analysis of changes in morphology, quantified progression maps, and progression trends.

Custom Scan Protocols
Save time and never miss a scan. Combine any scan type into a pre-set group. Choose a group of scans and set the order, the REVO will do the rest.

Glaucoma Tool Kit
Comprehensive glaucoma analytical tools for quantification of the Nerve Fiber Layer and Ganglion Cell Layer. The Disc Damage Likelihood Scale enables clinicians to precisely diagnose and monitor glaucoma for Optic Nerve Head analysis.

Structure + Function
The S+F report allows clinicians to understand the relationship between structural glaucoma damage and the functional impact on the patient’s field of vision.  This provides a quick and comprehensive single-page report for glaucoma management.


Optional Software Modules

(sold separately)

Angiography OCT
Angiography OCT provides an alternative to the traditional fluorescein method. Although OCT-A will not completely replace FA imaging, it is a quick and non-invasive tool.  The software allows clinicians to observe, track, and compare changes in the microvasculature of the retina in both eyes. 

Topography OCT is a pioneering way to provide detailed corneal curvature maps. Anterior, Posterior surfaces and Corneal Thickness provide the True Net Curvature information. T-OCT™ is excellent when paired with the B-OCT® module for IOL surgery. 

Biometry OCT
B-OCT® is an excellent tool for any clinician who manages myopia control or performs cataract surgery. Biometry OCT provides a complete set of ocular parameters: Axial Length, Central Cornea Thickness Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Pupil size, and White to White.

IOL Calculation
IOL formulas allow the user to calculate IOL implant parameters. The systems now support the latest IOL database standard so that you can always keep your library up-to-date.


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